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A truce towards not cracking on the weekends

A call for attackers and defenders to have a peaceful weekend.

All those involved in cybersecurity from a technical perspective, love the cat and mouse game of crackers v/s trackers (defenders). But we need to draw a line for time to R&R (rest and recuperation), get some sunshine, breathe fresh air or play good 'ol quake/counter-strike/Dota 2 or Starcraft 2. While attackers love weekends due to skeleton staffing, let's have a boundary - No cracking (hacking) between Friday morning until Monday morning, please. As we all know, good guys turning bad is way more destructive. 

NMAP scan us (defenders), and we will NMAP scan you. ;-) 

To help this cause, here are some reasons as to why we (attackers/defenders) can agree towards not cracking on weekends. version: 0.3 (03-02-2020)


Social conventions

  1. Wife / Husband / Family.

  2. Fix the Instagram latency issue assigned by my wife (in my case) as a P1 ticket 6 months ago.

  3. Help that distant relative recover his/her Facebook account.

  4. Answer - Which antivirus to use a question to your friend who is a victim of a ransomware attack. (Kaspersky or Bitdefender)


Streaming service

  1. BoJack Horseman.

  2. Unabomber.

  3. Prediction by the numbers.

  4. Our Planet.

  5. ... many more.


Alcohol and sleep.

  1. 'Enough said.



  1. World of warcraft.

  2. Counter Strike.

  3. Starcraft 2.

  4. Dota 2.

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