I have an overall 12 years of experience in systems security. With six years in cybersecurity; covering SOC architecture, implementation, operations, incident response, purple (red and blue) team leading. It also included cybersecurity improvements and cyber threat intelligence. Currently, I am the global manager for the cyber defence centre at WillisTowersWatson.

I also have six years of experience in cybersecurity architecture and implementation. I was lead systems security architect and designed objective specific information systems initiatives.

While at Reliance, I gained extensive experience in managing, evaluating and implementing IT systems and high-level security solutions to support business objectives at the technology.

Currently, I hold CISSP, CISM, CISA and SSCP certifications in good standing. Furthermore, I have multiple commendation letter for my service at the National Investigation Agency, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Besides systems security, I love going on long drives, rock music and photography.

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